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Best Places to Party in Nashville During Winter

Winter is always an enjoyable and festive time in Nashville as the city gets in touch with the holiday spirit. The mild winter temperatures enable one to enjoy many outdoor activities without the worry of snowcovered streets. As you plan the trip, always keep in mind that temperatures average in the low 50s during the day and can reduce to near freezing at night.

While other cities dial down and remain quiet during the colder months, Nashville takes it a notch further and gears up for an exciting festive season full of fun activities. Sure, winter temperatures are a bit chilly in Nashville, but it doesn’t get cold enough to deny the people an amazing trip. During this magical time of year, Music City, USA, comes alive with a variety of high-energy concerts, holiday festivals, and unique sights.

Here are three of the best places to party in Nashville:

Nashville Pedal Tavern

party truck1

Instead of walking through the cool air, why not grab your scarves and fuzzy socks for some fun winter activities? Some may think that Nashville Pedal Taverns are only meant for the heat of the summer, but that’s not the case. A Nashville Pedal Tavern party experience is a great option for your winter celebration.

The Pedal Tavern is a classic when it comes to party rides. You can gather a group of up to 15 people and ride out the cold as you spread the warmth. There are a variety of different routes you can choose from and pedal as long as your legs all you to. It is a perfect way to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, company outings, team building, vacation adventures and even bachelor or bachelorette parties.

If you are planning to celebrate one of the upcoming holidays, or you happen to celebrate a winter birthday, then have no fear – there are lots of awesome fun and adventure for the chilly weather parties. Just keep warm, keep the drinks flowing, and the party popping off all-year-round with the Nashville Pedal Tavern! They will keep your feet warm during a cold winter breeze. You get to keep your feet warm and your blood warm as you enjoy your Nashville winter party activities.

The Nashville Pedal Tavern is a great way to see the city when it’s cold out. You can take a ride to several popular Music City destinations with a hot cup of hot cocoa in hand and get dropped at must-see attractions. Besides, there is something beautiful about visiting Nashville during the off-season. One gets the chance to appreciate the area with fewer people around to pretend to be a local for a while.

Nothing keeps the toes warmer like paddling and dancing. Whether you are getting down to some rhythmic hip-hop or stomping to some country, simply grab your dancing shoes and get your blood pumping on the pedals and on the dance floor!

The Nashville Tractor (Editor Choice – Most Fun and Best Price)

party truck

This is one of Nashville’s most popular party attractions no matter the season. These monster party wagons can hold up to 50 people and the rolling party is something you wont soon forget! In the fall and winter they put on the side canopies and turn on the electric heaters to keep you dry and warm.

So you if you plan to come to Nashville when the weather is cool this party machine is a MUST DO! The party doesn’t stop just because it’s cold. Just jump aboard the Nashville Tractor that delivers a hell of a good time at the most affordable prices.

The Nashville Tractor operates the ONLY party vehicles with onboard bars to keep your drinks cold so the party doesn’t stop. The Nashville Tractor also has an onboard entertainer who keeps the music blasting and the drinks flowing.

Music City Party Tub

party truck2

Just in time for the winter season, the Music City Party Tub is the latest attraction to the Nashville party life. Essentially, the party tub is a hot tub enclosed in a covered trailer that’s pulled behind a pickup truck. In case you’re worried about the cold, there are vinyl windows that enclose the trailer so that the party tub can be used yearround.

You have access to amenities that include your very own personalized music playlists, towels, robes and a fridge and coolers for your drinks. For tours, the trailer can accommodate up to 12 people on tours lasting one hour and 45 minutes, while the tub is limited to six or seven soakers.

Luckily, the hot tub is kept sanitized using a variety of methods such as UV lights and automated chlorination. The tub can be adjusted to different ranges of temperatures. It can reach as hot as 100 degrees during winter and pool-like 83 degrees during summer.

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